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Update: 03 March 2020 Dear Valued Business Partner, we would like to inform you about the current situation in our production plant as well as with our suppliers. At the moment about 45% of the staff have started their work. A large part of the workforce is still in quarantine and is expected to leave […]

Dirty air? CHRO”M”ic water pollution? Not with Konnex!

Long before we were certified to ISO 14001, we took the first steps towards environmental protection. For example, in 2015 we worked with our Chinese suppliers on a CrVI-free galvanic coating. This coating should have the same anti-corrosion properties as the yellow zinc layer with chromium VI, which is currently very widespread. It was a […]

Cargo Security is becoming increasingly important

A lot of questions have been raised about cargo security after the accident with the container ship MSC. On the 2nd of January, the MSC Zoe lost at least 277 containers in the North Sea. Three of these containers may have contained toxic substances. The loss of these containers is a major contributor of pollution. […]

LIGHTBELT LED shaft lighting for lifts brilliantly simple, brilliantly safe!

The new EU standards After a two-year transition period, the new lift standards DIN EN 81-20/50 become mandatory for all new passenger lifts and freight lifts on 1 September 2017. These standards specify the safety requirements applicable to lifts. The new, more stringent specifications for passenger and freight lifts also apply to lighting: A general […]