Dirty air? CHRO”M”ic water pollution? Not with Konnex!

Long before we were certified to ISO 14001, we took the first steps towards environmental protection.

For example, in 2015 we worked with our Chinese suppliers on a CrVI-free galvanic coating. This coating should have the same anti-corrosion properties as the yellow zinc layer with chromium VI, which is currently very widespread. It was a major project in which we had to overcome many obstacles. Our work was supported by the Chinese government, which is taking very tough measures against environmental polluters.

We can be proud that we have achieved this goal and that we can offer you our cargo securing program in the silver KOsil surface (Konnex silver). Less chromium VI is an important step towards protecting the environment. We support our approach to “systematic change” – this is a win-win situation for you as a customer and for our environment.

Convince yourself of our “green” quality.