LIGHTBELT LED shaft lighting for lifts brilliantly simple, brilliantly safe!

The new EU standards

After a two-year transition period, the new lift standards DIN EN 81-20/50 become mandatory for all new passenger lifts and freight lifts on 1 September 2017. These standards specify the safety requirements applicable to lifts. The new, more stringent specifications for passenger and freight lifts also apply to lighting: A general minimum luminous intensity of 20 lux is prescribed, or 50 lux 1 m above the car roof in each car position and in the shaft pit. The purpose of this is to effectively reduce the risk of accidents during maintenance and repair work.

For passenger lifts, freight lifts or goods lifts alike: With uniform and bright LED light with a luminous intensity of 1,200 lumen/m, LIGHTBELT fulfils the new requirements perfectly.

The complete LIGHTBELT system

It doesn’t get any easier: unroll, screw in, switch on! LIGHTBELT offers you a complete system for shaft illumination.