KONNEX – Curtain roller

Load securing is just as important an aspect of truck trailers and curtainsiders as the durability and functionality of the components. KONNEX supplies high-quality tarpaulin and canopy rollers for the aluminium roof strap systems of trucks and trailers. Tarpaulin rollers and curtainsiders make a decisive contribution to safe transport and fast loading and unloading of the trucks. Konnex offers the tarpaulin rollers as a single version and as a tandem version for higher loads. Suitable versions are available for the differently shaped aluminium profiles. Konnex has been developing and manufacturing automotive components for the automotive industry for more than 10 years. This has resulted in unique industry know-how that guarantees the highest level of safety and quality. KONNEX tarpaulin and canopy rollers are DEKRA certified and are tested in-house at regular intervals.